Calistay, Baskent University Ankara

Permanent Photowork on a building of the Baskent University Baglica Campus in relation to the Calistay workshop, may 2015

Dimensions: 800 x 180 cm

Ankara-Calistay-Baskent University-proposal-Marco-Cops

Starting from the conceptual position the “Art and Design in Public Space” the Claistay workshop aims; questioning primarily who the viewer/user of art and design is, expanding places where art is displayed from museum, gallery to the urban spaces, researching the grey area between public and private space, reconsidering the art in daily life practices, and most importantly positioning art not only as a communication tool but also a resistance tool;
how can we transform it into a space that everyone can hear their own voice?


This resulted in a large photo that is not completely finished, and some space is still to be filled in…
In this way the students and other people have the possibility to finish the work, adding their personal theme’s to it. It is important that the picture is installed in a place where people have some privacy, and cannot be filmed for example while they add their personal themes.

Theme: Chaos is created through feeding it….
The picture shows bird feeding, a beautiful metaphor for chaos and how chaos exists or can be created.

I believe that situation is very present for Turkey right now; at the same time it even has a poetic side to it).
The picture in a way comes to life through the theme of the workshop and the context of the campus.

I took out the last details, the right side is left “open” so it becomes a space where people can leave their personal additions, the work is to be finished by the local people…